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Keith and Elizabeth Ikerd served as Aimer’s from 1995-1996 pastoring a church in Windhoek, Namibia.  They went on to serve as intermediate missionaries in Bophuthatswana for eighteen months.  After leaving Africa they served as assistant Pastor in Sterling Alaska for 14 years. They received missionary appointment in 2011 for Namibia.

Bro. Ikerd serves as superintendent of Namibia. His duties include holding minister and wives’ seminars, marriage seminars, visiting local churches, casting vision for the future church in Namibia, and teaching in satellite Bible Schools.

Sis. Ikerd serves as the Ladies’ Ministries leader, she is a Bible School teacher, and she is the administrator for Bible School students.  She has been instrumental in teaching and raising health awareness for Namibia Cancer Association.  She works with Reaching Africa’s Children & Youth in South Central Region.

» Personal Information

Keith: September 9
Elizabeth: June 1

September 24

Ministries on field:
Keith: Superintendent, Bible School instructor, Overseer of satellite Bible Schools
Elizabeth: Ladies Ministries leader, Bible School Instructor and Administrator

Regional Ministries:
Elizabeth: Reaching Africa’s Children & Youth – South/Central Africa Subregion

Social Media / Website:
Website: Global Missions Missionary Page
Facebook: Ikerds2Namibia



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