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UGANDA – Country Information

Uganda has a population of 43,252,966 as of 2020.

241,500 sq km / 93,000 sq mi (roughly the size of Oregon)

Capital City:
The capital city of Kampala is surrounded by parks and gardens alongside the shore of Lake Victoria.

Ethnic Groups:
16.5% Ganda
9.6% Nkole
8.8% Soga
7.1% Kiga
7% Teso
6.3% Lango
4.9% Gisu
4.4% Acholi
32.1% Other

Uganda has a large variety of ethnic groups made up of the Baganda, Banyankole, Basoga, Bakiga, Iteso, Langi, Bagisu, Acholi, Lugbara, and others.

45.1% Protestant
39.3% Roman Catholic
13.7% Muslim
1.8% Other / Non-religious

Those listed as Protestants include Anglicans, Pentecostals/Evangelicals, Seventh Day Adventist, and Baptist.

English (official)

Ganda or Luganda as well as Swahili and Arabic are widely spoken.

Uganda is richly diverse with volcanic mountains, frontiers, densely forested swamps, rainforests, and plateaus.

Agriculture makes up three-fifths of the working population. Coffee and cotton are the most profitable exports.

Interesting Fact:
Winston Churchill said, “Uganda is a fairy-tale. You climb up a railway instead of a beanstalk, and at the end there is a wonderful new world.”

Important Facts:
In 1894, Uganda became a protectorate of the British Empire, allowing Uganda to maintain its own governmental leadership but giving the British the ultimate authority. The British granted Uganda’s independence in 1962.

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