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TANZANIA – Country Information

Tanzania has a population of 58,552,845 as of 2020.

946,658 sq km / 378,640 sq mi (30% larger than Texas)

Capital City:
Even though Dodoma has been the official capital of Tanzania since 1974, most of the government administration remains in the city of Dar es Salaam.

Ethnic Groups:
95% Bantu
5% Other

Tanzania has over 120 different indigenous African people groups. The majority of Tanzanians are of Bantu descent, this includes several different groups. The other larger groups include the Sukuma, Hehe, Bena, Gogo, Haya, Nyamwezi, and the Chagga.

61.5% Christian
35.2% Islam
3.3% Other / Non-religious

A small percentage practices folk religion or is classified as other, as well as unaffiliated.

Swahili (official)
English (official)

There are over 100 languages spoken in Tanzania. Most Tanzanians speak Swahili as well as their traditional languages of their ethnic group. English is an official language but not spoken by most Tanzanians.

Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa and one of only three mountain ranges on the continent that has glaciers.

The economy is largely dependent of agriculture. They are also rich in natural resources such as diamonds, gold, various gemstones and tin; all of which are mined in Tanzania.

Interesting Fact:
Tanzania’s literary culture is primary oral.

Important Facts:
Previously Tanzania was called Tanganyika. In 1880, Germany colonized Tanganyika and then it went into British hands in 1919. Tanzania gained its independence on December 9, 1961. In April 1964, Tanganyika joined with Zanzibar to form the Republic of Tanganyika. The country was renamed Republic of Tanzania in October of 1964.

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