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ERITREA – Country Information

Eritrea has a population of 6 million as of 2020.

11,600 sq km / 4,479 sq mi (slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut)

Capital City:
The Capital city Asmara is located on the northern tip of Ethiopian plateau at an elevation of 7,628 feet.

Ethnic Groups:
55% Tigrinya
30%, Kunama
2%, Rashaida
2% Bilen
5% other

Several of these ethnic groups have its own language and culture.

50% Sunni Muslim
40% Eritrean Othrodox
5% Roman Catholic
3% Protestant
2% Traditional Beliefs


The largest spoken language in Eritrea is Trigrinya is, a semitic language, spoken by the Tringrinya people. The second most common language is Tigré spoken by the Tigre people. Cushitic languages are also spoken by other minority groups.

Located on the Horn of Africa and along the coast of the Rea Sea with 600 miles of coast land. Eritrea’s coastline stretches from Cape Kasar to the Straight of Mandeb, separating the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden.

Agriculture provides livelihood for 4/5th of the population and is large portion of Eritrea’s exports making up a large part of the economy. Also its location on the red sea makes it an ideal port and are significant trade parters with China and Saudi Arabia, and India. 

Interesting Fact:
An Eritrean saying states making a good cup of coffee requires both patience and skill.

Important Facts:
Eritrea has a long history of invaders, rulers, colonization, and occupiers. In wasn’t until recent history that Eritrea has gained fully recognized independence. Invaded by Arabs in antiquity, to Italian colonization 1809, to British take over in World War 2, then voted by the UN to be given to Ethiopia in 1952, then fighting for its independence. Eritrea celebrated independence on May 24, 1991 the day the Eritrean forces took over the capital city. This was followed by a vicious war with Ethiopia ended in 2018. 

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