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     Career Missionaries Richard & Pamela Smoak

BURUNDI – Country Information

Burundi has a population of 11.9 Million people as of 2020.

27,830 sq km / 10,745 sq mi (roughly the size of Massachusetts)

Capital City:
Gitega became the new Capital City of Burundi in 2019, with the old Capital of Bujumbura now the cultural Capital. 

Ethnic Groups:
The majority of Burundi’s population is made up of the Hutu. The rest of the population consisting of the Tutsi and Twa people

62% Roman Catholic
24% Protestant
2% Muslim
4% other
8% unspecified. 


Kirundi, a bantu language, is spoken by the majority of the population. Only a small population speaks English and French and is typically a second language. A small percentage of people also speak Swahili.

Burundi is a beautiful country containing hilly and mountainous terrain and borders Lake Tanganyika the second largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world.

Agriculture is huge part of Burundi’s economy with 80% of the population relying on farming. The country’s main export is coffee, they also export cotton and tin ore. Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Interesting Fact:
The Burundi people are known for their drumming and dancing abilities.

Important Facts:
Ethnic conflicts between the Hutu and Tutsi have existed since its independence in 1962 from Belgium. Which has left the country and its citizens poor and hungry. Nearly 75% of Burundi’s population is living below the poverty line and 50% suffer from chronic hunger.

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