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Population numbers: 10.3 million
How many square miles: 44,310 square miles
Geography fast facts (uniqueness)
  • The languages spoken in Benin are French, Fon and Yoruba.
  • Benin gained its independence from France on August 1, 1960.
  • The flag of Benin was first officially raised on their independence day to replace the French flag.
  • Benin official currency is the CFA Franc.
  • Benin is known as the Republic of Benin (formerly known as Dahomey)
  • The most popular national sport in Benin is soccer.
  • The colors of the flag are green, red and yellow. Green smybolizes for hope for renewal, the red denotes the ancestors’ courage, and the yellow represents the country’s richest treasures.
  • Benin’s largest city is the city of Cotonou.
  • Benin has a tropical climate with a humid and hot weather throughout the year.
Capital City: Porto-Novo is the capital of Benin, and was the capital of French Dahomey. The commune covers an area of 110 square kilometres and as of 2002 had a population of 223,552 people.
Religion: According to the 2002 census, the population of Benin is 27.1% Catholic, 24.4% Muslim, 17.3% Vodoun, 10.4% Protestant (which includes Celestial 5%, Methodist 3.2%, and other Protestant 2.2%), 5.3% of other Christian denominations, and 15.5% of other religions.
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